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Hankering Habitats

The purpose of this game is to teach students about the habitats (biomes) that exist
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Athena Soft, SA de CV
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3 February 2009

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Besides the professional and learning facilities provided by computer systems, they also hold a repository of fun activities are like computer games which are enjoyed by children and adults alike with its fun quotient and leisure value. A delightful and informative combination of fun and learning is Hankering Habitats 1.0.0 that promises utility along with enjoyment for children that offers a computer game with information regarding habitats existing on Earth and its organisms, targeted at upper elementary and middle school children.

Hankering Habitats opens with an animated and vibrant interface with the main screen having the game premise and the top pane having details of the game sessions. The basic outline of the game involves matching the organisms with their respective habitats correctly. The game takes the user to all over world biomes ranging from frozen tundra to dark rainforests and explores their inhabitants along with additionally checking out the sea shores, coral reefs and wide oceans. In the process, the user can learn about the existing animals, the fauna and even the microscopic creatures thriving in diverse surroundings of the Ecosystem. Along the way, as the game proceeds, the creatures come live and narrate jokes about themselves. Beneficial and informative, the game is a must for all children to make a sound base regarding our bionetwork replete with interesting facts and fun activities. The flexibility and user friendly application of the game makes it must buy for all.

Hankering Habitats 1.0.0 promises to be as informative as pleasurable and offers good value for money and gets a score rating of four points for its stellar performance and utility value, besides being immensely user friendly. The game is likely appeal to number of school students who would love to improve their learning experience through this wonderful application.

Publisher's description

The purpose of this game is to teach students about the habitats (biomes) that exist on Earth and the organisms that live in them. It is targeted toward upper elementary and middle school students.
This educational game challenges students to match organisms with the correct habitat they are found in. The game takes you around the world to explore the inhabitants from land biomes that range from the deepest dark rainforest to the frozen tundra. You will additionally explore water environments including the sea shore, the coral reef and then venturing out into the open ocean. While doing this you will learn about animals, plants, and even microscopic creatures that live in the variety of biomes that make up the planetary ecosystem we call Earth. Along the way, as you succeed in the game the creatures come to life in comic form and tell jokes related to themselves and the habitat they live in.
The player first selects the type of habitat they want to play with. They then must pick from a random group of cartoon organisms most common to that particular habitat. Players can get from the program informational clues about the organisms. Additionally players can use a button to take the player to the World Wide Web to get information about the organism online. The player is rewarded with a comic about that habitat every time they correctly place four organisms and click the reward button. Habitats can be played multiple times before all the organisms are correctly matched.
Hankering Habitats
Hankering Habitats
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